Why you should know what you do in a day?

A sudden challenge with a friend of mine changed everything...

She challenged me to take a note on my every hour for 30 days. Along with what I eat and my water intake.

I was also challenged to write down my priorities and take a note on which part of the day I do it. I was supposed to write 3 priorities in day.

To my utter surprise on my own behavior I could pull with this and maintain it for 1st eight days enthusiastically and then kind of my energy dropped down. The moment dear Meera got to smell my level of energy she said to reflect back on past 8 days.


What I saw… I myself was in complete shock.

My productivity and performance on balancing my work and family life has increased by more then 70%. Without a say after that 8th day my graph took a J curve and I never looked back. Deep down I was always ready to share it with my community of AMBIGENES.

So of course I need to make a video or write it down.

I am really not good in articulating my feelings but this is my humble try to tell you that the following reasons are really important and should be the driving force on why should you note down about your every hour and reflect it on every Sunday. The very reason that we have only one life and we all are born for a certain purpose this becomes the most simple and important habit of our very existence.

1. Boost your motivation

Look back for a moment, how much time have you spent on thinking about doing something?

Is it the same as acting on it?

Well, honestly, it’s not.

we need concrete goals to increase our motivation to take action. When we write down our goals, it creates a sense of urgency to move closer to achieving them. It has changed my everyday completely.

2. Improve your focus

When I am focused on what I am doing, I am directing my energy towards my goals and i achieve better results.

It’s easier to set other things aside when you and I, know what you should focus on. Written goals help me have a clear focus and stay on track, I am sure it will help you also. When your goals are clearly defined, it’s also easier to eliminate distractions specially social media. It was a huge distraction for me now I can say it has 360 degree changed me .

3. Reduce your stress level

Moving my goals from my head to a written form reduced my stress, now imagine you doing so and your stress level drastically coming down. That is simply great , right?

While it doesn’t eliminate the actual stressor, it removes the burden of keeping everything inside. When you have your goals written down, you  have better control over your emotional reactions. After accomplishing your goal, you feel invariably at peace with yourself.

Don’t give up my friend , just don’t you are born unique don’t live a normal life. You are the hero/shero of your story.

4. Achieve bigger goals

Our goals can sometimes feel overwhelming, ya.. I agree. A good technique is to break them down into smaller parts just like me.

Many of us overestimate our abilities when it comes to defining a timeline. Right?

Try to make your timeline more realistic and break your bigger goals down into parts, like into hours

This is where writing things down becomes extremely important. Make sure that your targets are concrete and something that can be measured. And here the goal setting form will be really helpful to you

5. Track your progress

Tracking your progress in every week, good to track it on Saturday night or Sunday morning. It’s a way to remind yourself of what you want to achieve and very soon you will achieve it. We get easily distracted and lose our thoughts but writing things down gets us back on track.

CLICK HERE FOR TEMPLATE. This goal setting form has help me every day and is helping me. I am sure it will help you.

Go take a printout or use it on your phone and get your dream like. 30 days from now when you look yourself you will be a completely different stage of your life.

Give yourself a chance to fall in love with yourself. As only when you love yourself. others will do so. And the road is very simple my friend, very simple. Just go download and follow the routine as mentioned.

  • Jahnvi on

    Thanks for such amazing technique .I’ll try it from today only .

  • Alka Banga on

    Very nicely brought out the issue that affect the life, and to monitor them and change oneself.👍👍

  • Eti Gupta on

    Wonderful piece of writing. Thank you for sharing, especially making it so workable by providing the template right away.

  • Kunal Jeet Singh on

    Amazing way to change oneself

  • Jiya on

    Mam, this stupendous!
    Thankyou for being a source of constant motivation:)

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