The One Thing by Gary Keller

My key learning/ideas from the book and related research:

Time: Time is a depreciating asset and a very much limited and valuable resource. We certainly cannot conquer everything but we definitely have enough time to master one thing. Most big and successful people are known for doing one thing only. Ex. Sachin Tendulkar for Cricket, Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook etc

Domino Effect: A single domino has the power to push another one with 50 times bigger size. By geometric progression, a 2 inch domino will be able to push the domino no 18th which is the size of the leaning tower of Pisa! We need to set our goals according to this principle and work back to what action needs to be taken at this right moment to conquer your own Pisa tower.

Visualization: A study was conducted in which the first group of students were told to visualize the goal of achieving A grade and the second group was told to visualize the “process” of achieving to get grade A as the outcome. Certainly, the second group performed much better. Success is sequential.

Multitasking: It’s the biggest lie ever. It's neither efficient nor effective. Put all your brain, heart, mind and soul on the one thing only. You will be amazed by your own capabilities!

Willpower: Similar to phone battery, willpower is limited and hence the most important work should be completed in morning. Your willpower should be continuously recharged through good reading, exercise to your mind and body.

The one thing: Convert your to do list from should and could do to only should do and then refine further to get only one thing. Bright success certainly demands singleness of purpose.

Everyone has their own aspects of interpreting and understanding learning from the books. You can explore many more new angles of the book and research more around the ideas on your own!

Written by: Mahesh Sangade, IIM Ahmedabad (2015)

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