The Jovial Girl

Even god took a lot of time
to create his best creation
The girl who had a spark within
who could create even a hell heaven
Spreading happiness
she danced through life,
Counting blessings
she slept at night.
Giving a ray of hope to those who had
lost the battle of life
Making them believe in hardwork ,truth
and in a cheerful life !
She smiled and everything bloomed
Love was felt in the air soon!
Author: Jiya Tyagi
Class XII
DPS Ghaziabad
Blogs written on are completely unedited versions submitted by students. The opinions and research (if any) in blogs are completely done by the students. :) - Team Powerkid


  • Bharti Verma on

    Very good, Jiya. Keep it up beta.

  • Dr. Ila Tyagi on

    Wonderful… Very well expressed. Keep it up. God bless you..

  • Shalini on

    Beautiful poem. Stay blessed Jiya.

  • Rajan Tyagi on

    Very beautiful thoughts Jiya beta

  • Gauri on

    Very beautiful Jiya😍 loved it!

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