This time I am not sharing the problem of any one person rather the problem of 90% people living on this planet.

Most of the people refer designation as something which provides us status and position in society. People do a lot of hard work and after their painstaking efforts they achieve a particular and respectful designation. During the process of creating our position in society we ignore whether that same position for which we are working hard is having the same respect in our own eyes. We tend to create respect of ourselves in the eyes of society but not in our own eyes. We do what society wants us to do and not what we want to do and we fail to accept this harsh truth though it is the reality of our life.

I have met a number persons in my life suffering from this problem. I myself once was suffering from this problem but I made myself clear by saying that whatever happens in my life I will have to face it on my own no one will ever solve my problem they may show me the direction it will be me only who is going to solve it so, I decided whether good or bad whatever I will have to bare it on my own none can take my part sorrow and happiness. Society pressurizes parents then parents pressurize us and we as children lack the capability of making our parents understand our view and the result is lifelong negativity in our mind which stays with us always. In previous, I said that we lack the capability of making our parents our understand the reason behind this from our childhood we create an image of our parents that they we will not understand us because they belong to a different generation and many parents on the other side do not have patience which is very necessary to understand anyone in this world and the skill listening is not present in human beings we just want that other people should just listen to us but if you are not listening to any person that person will also not be willing to listen to you.

Once I asked a lady who was a mother that are you concerned about your child’s occupation or you are concerned with her happiness she said “her happiness”.  I explained if happiness matters to you then it should not matter from where does your child gets happiness obviously not roam a wrong path but let her decide from where she can get happiness and if you will understand her she will never ever leave you and will also you think of you. My friend said to me that “I don’t want to live with my parents they don’t love me” then I explained her that you should not lose patience sit with them daily and talk about anything except this topic and then tell me, she did this or one month and then she told me that “my parents want my good and now understand their view point I will make them understand and they will understand some or the other day I just have to keep patience”. See it was simple you need to have patience as we as kids and they as parents both do not communicate with each other and do not keep our emotional side in front of each other.

Happiness matters and it does not mean that you will not have problems the thing is when you solve those problems you will put in your both mind and heart fully to solve those problems. It does not matter on which size of bed you sleep what matters is the amount of good sleep you get and the peace you get from your work. Peace of mind is very important. Remember what you do should give u peace and satisfaction.

At last I just want to say that choose the occupation which you love and remember the occupation which you love is more important than the occupation what society wants you to love and if you do that you will always have guilt within yourself and if you have guilt within yourself then or anything for which you have put in efforts will not be fruitful because you will not be able to enjoy that happiness to the fullest as somewhere in your mind you know you about your guilt you may not show it but you have it within yourself.

First you need to have respect for your work in your own eyes then only others are going to respect you and your work.

Ritika Tyagi
Class- 12
Blogs written on are completely unedited versions submitted by students. The opinions and research (if any) in blogs are completely done by the students. :) - Team AmbiClass

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  • Tanu on

    Power of writing in the hands of kids like you is something that the Nation deserves its youth to be like!
    Great efforts and rightful thoughts!

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    If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror!! 💪🏼💪🏼

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    Nice and inspiring 👌👏

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    The writing is very articulate and awe- inspiring

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    Amazing 😉

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