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Anuppama is an Educator turned Children High Performance Expert, Entrepreneur, Anchor and Author. Kids are the source of her energy and she is always in touch with her past students as a friend more than a teacher. Anuppama had a long 8 years of privileged career in uplifting the variations in education with renowned schools and implementing the latest innovations.

She believes that every child is born with a unique power and she want to help to unleash the hidden power in every child. Her one of its kind 11 Day Challenge is an initiative for her commitment towards each and every section of society. All children should live up to their full potential this is her ultimate vision to create an empathetic world.

She currently hosts EdTalks in association with Entab wherein top educationalists across the country are interviewed. She started Ivariti Lifestyles with aim to accelerate sustainable fashion. She is a draping enthusiast and has authored a book on Modern Draping.


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