"Using the strength of emotional intelligence to face your failures and learning from them are at the core of Success!" - Robert Kiyosaki

3 Powerful habits and Emotions management

Entry to talent hunt with prizes worth INR 10,000

11 Recorded videos on Managing Social Influence

1 month live online sessions


It's extremely critical that emotional understanding and good habits are tought at an early age because as an adult, it's difficult to build it. We at AmbiClass, imprint the same in fun way over a month and guide the parents for post workshop monitoring of students.

Moreover, there are ample of benefits which can be reaped through social influence such as: Improved visibility, Better relationships, Enhanced academic performance & many more..


What would be the time of live sessions?

The live sessions are typically scheduled from Monday - Friday 6:30 - 7 PM

Will this course interfere in my studies?

Absolutely not! These fun sessions would certainly give you a much required break from studies and enhance your productivity due to refreshed mind!

What if I miss a particular session?

No worries! We record all videos and upload it on website.

What happens after the course completion?

Its our guarantee that you would a better version of yourself at the end of one month. You can renew the same course for new habits or enhance other skills via AmbiPass and Artha Shastra.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

Yes, all participants who successfully complete the course will get a certificate.

What is Talent Hunt? When this will happen?

The talent hunt is our flagship event and it occurs in every 2 months. The participants are required to showcase their talent in a video using skills tought in social influence sessions. The videos will be judges basis social media popularity and external judge ratings. The total prizes are worth INR 10,000 in this event.

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Understand the concept of Gratitude – being thankful for what we have

Gratitude practice part 1 – Self-love (inner peace)

Gratitude practice part 2 – Surroundings (outer peace)

Get ready to strive for more – being happily unsatisfied

Self-introspection and importance of goal setting

Introduction to the world of meditation

Understanding empathy for better relationships

Importance of balanced diet and water consumption

Getting your public behavior and basic etiquette right

Befriend books and informative videos as mentors

Power practice of writing goals – Triangle method

Goal setting practical session and implementation roadmap

Reinforcing better relationship with family and friends

Enhance time management for balancing studies and hobbies

Art of dealing with toxic people and saying “NO”

Why personal branding is a necessity like never before?

Playing social media to your advantage and ace the art of influence

Introduction to detailed workshop on social influence challenge

Importance of financial literacy and basic concepts

Financial stories, Doubt clarification and introduction to detailed masterclass