"The number one problem in today's generation and economy is lack of financial literacy" - Alan Greenspan

A course designed for complete beginners

5 Interactive live sessions - Saturdays 9 am - 12 pm

Bonus discussion on managing personal finances

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Investing and trading in stock markets have become integral part of life because equity as an asset class has outperformed most of the investment avenues over long term. However, to get you started, its critical to gain knowledge about basics of stock markets instead of burning money in losses due to tips or emotion based trades.

We have collated knowledge in easy to understand format for all from scratch to build your solid basics. Come, do join our four weeks recorded workshop to kick-start your markets journey!



Chartered Financial Analyst L3

Chartered Market Technician L1

QuantInsti Executive Program in Algo Trading

IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Guwahati

Module 1: Market macro structure

    • Why stock markets?
    • Understanding role of market participants
    • Should you be in markets?
    • Busting a few myths about stock market
    • Key market events and jargons

Module 2: Introduction to technical analysis

    • Why technical analysis and chart types
    • Dow theory
    • Simple candlestick patterns
    • Advanced candlestick patterns
    • Technical analysis setup and indicators

Module 3: Basics of fundamental analysis 

    • Why FA and types of investors
    • Understanding balance sheets
    • Understanding p&L statement
    • Critical financial ratios
    • Introduction to valuations

Module 4: Getting started

How to open trading account

Setting up trading terminal

Basic charting and order types

Reports and trading journal

Bonus session on managing personal finances