Financial Literacy

Language: Hindi and English Mix

Instructors: Mahesh Sangade


Why this course?


As the teens grow up and pick their own career paths, one thing remains of prime importance in life of all the young citizens is managing their own finances. We all have seen the importance of budgeting and savings during the COVID era. It's high time we inculcate the financial discipline and right psychology among the minds of younger generation to secure their future financially.

The Financial Literacy - Recorded is made for teens who wish to complete the course at their own pace and time availability. To maximize the utility of the course, first three topics will be unlocked immedietly and remaining will apprear at interval of three days each.

The course is designed by Mahesh Sangade (IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Guwahati graduate). Mahesh is passionate about the cause of enhancing financial literacy for better life in the Indian society.

Course Curriculum

Course Instructions
Week 1: Why financial literacy
Task Submission
Lesson Feedback
Week 2: Setting up right financial psychology
Week 3: Inflation and time value of money
Week 4: Delayed gratification and compounding
Week 5: Basics of saving and budgeting
Week 6: RBI and the banking systems
Week 7: Basic day to day banking and right advisors
Week 8: Money transfers
Week 9: Credit and debit cards
Week 10: Common financial frauds
Week 11: Understanding loans and debt
Week 12: Good debt vs bad debt
Week 13: Importance and maintenance of credit profile
Week 14: Education loan
Week 15: Understanding Taxes
Week 16: Life is much more than money
Week 17: Impact of life events on finances
Week 18: Net worth and financial planning
Week 19: Skills and income valuation
Week 20: Leveraging time vs money
Week 21: Basic Economics
Week 22: The role of government
Week 23: Protecting your wealth – diversification and insurance
Week 24: Growing wealth with investing
Week 25: How stock market works
Week 26: World of multiple currencies
Week 27: How a mutual fund work
Week 28: Entrepreneurship - why
Week 29: Entrepreneurship – how part 1
Week 30: Entrepreneurship – how part 2

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